Indi and the hot dog buns.

Exhibit A: The destroyed hot dog bun bag.

When Brad came home this afternoon Indi did not get up and greet him like she usually does. She wagged her tail and wanted belly rubs, but she would not leave her bed. Brad thought that was strange because when he walked in the door two hours earlier she was totally amped to see him.

He got worried, wondering what could have gone wrong in such a short amount of time. Then he saw it. May the reader please see Exhibit A: The destroyed, empty, hot dog bun bag, lying on the floor next to Indi’s bed, right by the kitchen table.

Exibit B: The new home of the hot dog buns.

May the reader now please see Exhibit B: The dog belly full of six Franz hot dog buns. Brad texted me to tell me what happened. I said don’t leave her, I’ll be home soon. By the time I got home forty five minutes later she was fine. She had a hefty belly ache for an hour, but thankfully it passed.

Indi’s new diet is basically the Atkins diet: meat, veggies, dairy. And she is hungry! She begs more. She scrounges at the park. She drooled at the feet of the painter eating a corn dog in our parking garage when I took her out with me to empty the trash. Even though it was recomended by my vet to put her on a grain free diet, I started giving her brown rice this week. I feel good about that decision, and I know Indi does, too.

About indi

Raina is Indi's mom. She is 30 and lives in Portland, Oregon. Raina was 22 when she got Indi and her heart broke when Indi was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Today Indi and Raina are living life one day at time. Things sure look brighter with a supportive Tripawd community.
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  1. credocanis says:

    Case nicely presented. The jury does, indeed, find Indi guilty as charged in the case of the purloined hot dog buns. I believe she has already suffered through an appropriate punishment, however.

    Look at it this way…at least she didn’t eat the plastic. Who knows what that could have done to her! 🙂

    Lincoln’s Mom

  2. indi says:

    Yes, she paid her dues with the belly ache. And yes, we are glad she didn’t eat the plastic! Just some shreds that got in the way of the buns, I’m sure. All I had to do when I got home was pick up the bag and say, “Did you do this?” and she hung her head in shame. Brad saw and said WOW. Of course I was not mad, just happy she was not really sick.

  3. stephaniedbar says:

    Busted! So funny how they know when they have done something naughty.

  4. Chloes mom says:

    Ok so this totally gave me the laugh I needed! This is going to sound weird, but Chloe did the EXACT same thing today!! Only it was a new wheat baguette I left on the counter!!! I had NO idea a tripawd with one back leg could manage to grab the end of the bag near the end of the counter and eat half of it!!!

    I should have taken a picture, but I was stressing because Chloe had been acting out lately. I thought, oh great more bad news…Something freaked her out on friday and she tore down the screen door (coming out of my deposit), howled incessantly at 7 am when I left for the gym this morning (my roommates weren’t too happy about that) and then not a couple hours later, I found she had eaten most of my baguette I was going to have for dinner…

    At first I had no idea when it happened, but I realized it must have happened when I was busy on my computer. Sometimes she randomly goes down stairs. I guess she was hunting for food. She doesn’t really like any of the kibble we have ever bought (we have been through like 5 brands/flavors), so I think she just wanted something different.

    Then seeing your post just now, made me realize I shouldn’t be mad, but glad that she too didn’t really eat the plastic or the paper… Needless to say I froze the bread and now give it to her as treats. What a dog… sorry for the long post, but it seems we had similar experiences today!

    -Chloe’s mom

    • indi says:

      I love it. No apologies. Indi has stolen half a pizza, a plate of cookies…. sigh. Bummer about the screen door 🙁 Indi busted through a wooden gate last year because she was tired of being inside. My roommates came home to find a dog-shaped cut-out in the gate and Indi contently lounging on the front porch.

  5. etgayle says:

    geesh, maybe she’s practicing for the contest in NYC…sans the wieners… glad all indi got was a belly ache, bless her heart she just is ‘jones-ing’ for carbs!!! we had an afghan hound that took a sauerbraten roast off the counter and helped himself while we were getting the rest of the dinner ready…another sore belly story…

    since indi is a minor, we hope this can be expunged from her record if she stays on her diet in the future….

    charon & gayle

  6. Rita says:

    My big dog Shelli loved carbs too. She did the very same thing Indie did: steal the whole loaf off the counter, pig out and then not feel so good because she was too full. Plastic bag shredded at the crime scene.

  7. Ginger says:

    It never ceases to amaze me what our “kids” get into. That had to be scary for you guys, but it sounds like she’ back to normal now. I bet she loves the rice. We can’t seem to make it fast enough for Ginger.

    • indi says:

      Hey Ginger, She does love the rice. I give it to her with a tinge of guilt, though, because fighting cancer the natural way means taking her off grains. It seems like we are constantly experimenting and trying to find the balance… all the while just guessing that we are doing the right thing.

  8. fortisdad says:

    Guilty as charged! I’m glad it didn’t make her sick. Sounds like you have a hungry girl on your hands. Fortis stays hungry. He’s under 140 pounds now and food is his primary goal in life. He begs and pleads for carbs. Are there carbs in the bark on trees because he thinks there is.
    Thanks for sharing……………it gave me a real laugh. That Brad is a trooper.

  9. When I read your post, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I have to say that that is so darn cute. Not too cute about her belly ache afterwards but nonetheless very cute! She must have been in hot dog heaven when she tore through that bag. I can picture her now. So glad to hear that it was only an hour’s worth of not feeling so great. Well I guess she blew her grain free diet for the day. Speaking of brown rice, I give that to Mackenzie and she loves it. I figure it’s a free grain. What the heck :).
    Kami (Mackenzie’s Mom)

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