A gift from Lauren

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Indi getting her red vest off, which officially marked two weeks post-amputation, was the perfect occasion to give her the smoked bone from Lauren. (Don’t read into the symbolism.) I thought she might have some trouble chomping on it with only one front paw, but she did great.

The day after Indi’s surgery Lauren stopped by with a gift. My roommate Hannah (Sam’s mom) greeted her at the door and said, “Raina is here, hold on one second.” But Lauren said, “No, no, I’m just dropping this by, I don’t want to be a bother” and she scurried away.

I came into the living room to find a large brown paper bag. On it Lauren wrote, “Here is something for Indi when she feels better, and something for you while you hang out with her.” Inside was a giant smoked marrow bone for Indi– her favorite– and a bottle of wine and some chocolate for me.

Lauren is a new friend who has only met Indi a couple times. But her thoughtful gesture was done with the love of a dear old friend.

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About indi

Raina is Indi's mom. She is 30 and lives in Portland, Oregon. Raina was 22 when she got Indi and her heart broke when Indi was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Today Indi and Raina are living life one day at time. Things sure look brighter with a supportive Tripawd community.
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6 Responses to A gift from Lauren

  1. etgayle says:

    a smoked bone……sometimes it’s hard to keep those things lit….

  2. indi says:

    ha 🙂 How do I even reply. You are cracking me up, Tennessee.

  3. admin says:

    Who knows what they’re smokin’ there in Tennessee! We’d gladly settle for some fine wine and chocolate. 😉

  4. jdsmom says:

    Congrats Indi on the vest removal. Two weeks behind you now.

    Wishing you many many smoked bones in the future!
    Chomp On!!
    I totally celebrate the symbolisim in the gift 🙂

    Spirit JD’s mom

  5. jerry says:

    Bones, wine and chocolate…now THAT is great friend!

  6. Ginger says:

    Who needs 2 front paws for a smoked bone, anyway? Just make sure you don’t get your present mixed up with your mom’s. We don’t want you to get all out of sorts. Of course, it may be funny to see your mom chewing on that bone 😉

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