The front left leg.

Indi’s leg weighed 5 pounds. Our surgeon, Dr. Simpson, said it was the largest dog leg she has ever….well, you know (gulp!). On Tuesday, August 31, 2010 Indi went in for surgery weighing 95 pounds. She left the next day weighing 90. At first Dr Simpson didn’t believe it and asked the tech to weigh her again. Indi hopped onto the scale and we all saw it: 90 pounds.

Welcome to 5 Pounds Freer. In the coming posts you will witness how Indi, the 8 year old Saint Bernard diagnosed with osteosarcoma, navigates the world on three legs. And how I, a 30 year old Portlander, learn how to care for the love of my life.

About indi

Raina is Indi's mom. She is 30 and lives in Portland, Oregon. Raina was 22 when she got Indi and her heart broke when Indi was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Today Indi and Raina are living life one day at time. Things sure look brighter with a supportive Tripawd community.
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8 Responses to The front left leg.

  1. admin says:

    Beautiful header photo! And we love the title of your blog. 🙂 As soon as you publish your first post, we’ll announce it in the forums.

    Thanks for joining the Tripawds community.

  2. jerry says:

    So now we know how much a Saint’s leg weighs! The weight of the bum leg has often been a topic of discussion here at Tripawds.

    Indi, we know you’re gonna do great. Congrats on making it through surgery successfully, may you have great times ahead and a long, hoppy life! We’re here to help however we can.

  3. indi says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome. We are so glad we found you 🙂

  4. etgayle says:

    indi,nice to meet you! hope you’re doing well since your amputation…it’s alot more tramatic for our ‘sisters’ than it is on us i think. are you doing chemo? what’s your story? more pictures please…inquiring minds….


    • indi says:

      Hi Gayle.
      Indi is recovering very well. Nights are kinda rough. She is whining a lot and not sleeping through the night. I feel like I have a new born! I’m working on new posts and more photos today so check back on us soon. We are not doing chemo. We are waiting for the results of a lymphnode biopsy to come back this week and that will give us a better picture of how how much/ fast the cancer has spread. I’m hoping for the best, of course. I want my girl around for a wile longer.

  5. jdsmom says:

    Oh Indi, you are so beautiful!
    So glad your mom is posting photos and updates of your progress, welcome to the club that nobody wants to belong to.

    I look forward to reading of your progress as you move forward into your threelegged life.

    Angel JD’s mom

  6. Fortis'dad says:

    Fortis was around 155lb before his surgery and currently is around 140lb. I often wondered what his rear leg actually weighed. The vet guessed 7-10lbs but I don’t know for sure. I’m so glad that Indi is doing well and on his way to a full recovery. I look forward to reading about his life on three legs and of course about the “Portlander Mom” who obviously loves him very much.
    Your header and initial photo are just perfect. Simply beautiful. Great blog!

    Fortis and Dad

  7. Ginger says:

    Indi – wow, 5 pounds! That a big leg. But it has to be nice that it is not hurting you all the time. We are all hoping and praying for you.

    Ginger and her pack

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