Indi’s favorite captain

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Our favorite driver.

I don’t have a car. By choice. (You all know Portland is the #1 bike-friendly city in the country, right?) It does mean getting Indi to vet appointments takes some coordination. Luckily we have Brad. He is an excellent driver and has access to mini vans, cargo vans, zip cars and 24 foot-long Penskes.

Brad was with us when Indi went in for surgery. I wrapped the white long sleeved shirt I wore the day before around Indi’s neck, wiping my tear on it before walking out the door. And Brad was with me when I picked Indi up the next day. He drove us home in a cargo van with a dog bed in the back, helping to lift Indi in and out so she wouldn’t hurt herself. Brad is a strapping lad at 6 feet 3 inches tall. But Indi brings him to his knees. When Brad comes over Indi whines and rolls over untill he kneels down and pets her. Despite declaring, “I am not a hand holder” he is a sucker for her love. And no matter how capable and independant I am, it sure is nice to have a big strong man around.

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About indi

Raina is Indi's mom. She is 30 and lives in Portland, Oregon. Raina was 22 when she got Indi and her heart broke when Indi was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Today Indi and Raina are living life one day at time. Things sure look brighter with a supportive Tripawd community.
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3 Responses to Indi’s favorite captain

  1. I wouldn’t mind having a big strapping lad like that around, either. Drop us a postcard if he decides to go on tour in California, Rosie has been working on using the ‘puppy dog eyes’ to full effect and is always ready for another conquest.

    You’re a lucky, lucky girl Indi.

    Luvs, Rosie

    • indi says:

      Yeah, we sure like having Brad around 🙂 Puppy dog eyes, huh? Indi is using her cute dog powers, too. She has always been one to demand belly rubs and rump scratches, and usually she gets a few pets before I tell her to go lie down. But these days she is milking us for all we got, and the truth is, we got a lot. A lot of love. I grew up in the East Bay in the Oakland hills. Where are you in California?

  2. Fortis'dad says:

    How sweet! Kudos to Brad. Your lucky to have someone around like Brad. We all need support regardless of how capable and independant we think we are. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way.
    Tell Brad if he ever comes to Texas I have a big dog that will still his heart!

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